:: 1995 :: Cairo, Egypt

Fifth International Conference of Fluid Mechanics

(ICFM 5) • January 2-5, 1995 • Nile Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

Organized by:

○ Cairo University (Egypt)
○ Mansoura University (Egypt)
○ Alexandria University (Egypt)
○ University Pierre et Marie Currie (Paris VI)
○ Old Dominion University (U.S.A.)
○ Nihon University (Japan)

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Table of Contents:

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Tuesday 3 January 1995
Session S-1: Unsteady Flow I

○ Tuesday, January 3, 1995

S. A. Mekhael
J. Iwamoto

► Control of Transients by using Check Valves through Pressurized Piping System
S. M. Abdel-Gawad, A. S. Elansary, and A. A. Kassem
Cairo University, Egypt

► Numerical Solutions of Unsteady Turbulent Flow around a Two Dimensional Hydrofoil in Truncated Domains
K. K. Hassan, and S. Abdallah
University of Cincinnati, U.S.A.

► A Dynamic Model for Predicting the Transient Response of Liquid Rocket Engines
F. M. Owis, A. A. Hashem, and M. B. Argoun
Cairo University, Egypt

► Flow Oscillation in a Duct with Abrupt Enlargement
M. Yoshinaka, and J. Iwamoto
Tokyo Denki University, Japan

► Self-excited Impinging Jet Flow
A. Haga, and Y. Hosoi
Railway Technical Res. Inst. - Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Session S-2: Fluid Machinery Applications I

○ Tuesday, January 3, 1995

H. Heikel
M. Rautenberg

► Effect of Pitch Ratio on the Secondary Flow Generated in a Very Low Aspect Ratio Rectilinear Turbine Cascade
M. B. Hanna, and K. Weskamp
Institute of Jet Prop, and Turbo, WRTH A Achen, Germany

► An Experimental Investigation and Numerical Computations of a Wedge Blade Radial Diffuser
A. Mobarak, M. Khalafallah, A. Mostafa, and R. Esmaeil
Cairo University, Egypt

► The Development of a Low Loss Vaned Flow Conditioner
E. M. Laws, and A. K. Ouazzane
University of Salford, UK

► Numerical Simulation of 3D Separated Flow through Multistage Turbomachine
S. V. Yershov
Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Ukrain

Session S-3: Stability and Transition

○ Tuesday, January 3, 1995

M. F. Khalil
S. Ragab

► Similar Effects of Temperature and Viscosity on the Stability of Supersonic Boundary Layer
M. A. Elsharnoby, and M. H. Metwally
Banha Higher Inst. of Tech. - Military Technical College, Egypt

► Transition Control in Flow over a Roughness Element by a Heating Strip
J. A. Masad
High Technology Corp., U.S.A.

► Effect of Crossflow on Gortler Instability in Incompressible Boundary Layers
Y. H. Zurigat, and M. R. Malik
University of Jordan, Jordan - High Technology Corp., USA

► Transition Flow Regimes in a Series of Adjacent Rectangular Jets
A. Cavaliere, M. El-Naggar, R. Ragucci, G. Vancore, and C. Venitozzi
University of Federico II, Italy

► Investigation of Laminar Boundary Layer Stability at Combined Action of Different Factors
A. F. Slitenko
Turbomachinery Research Institute, Ukraine

Session S-4: Aero & Hydro-Acoustics

○ Tuesday, January 3, 1995

M. Sedrak
A. Lyrintazis

► Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Sampling Rate, Noise and Resonance on Measuring Higher Moments of Single and Multiple Frequency Signals
M. S. Mohamed
Cairo University, Egypt

► Analysis of Sound Propagation in a Circular Duct to Improve the Accuracy of in-Duct Noise Measurement
E. A. Yaseen
Zagazig University, Egypt

► Acoustic Wave Analysis in a Standing Wave Tube using the Transfer Function Method
E. A. Yaseen
Zagazig University, Egypt

► A Passive Noise Reduction Method for Internal Flows Generating Self-Sustained Tones
C. Favé, R. Henry, S. Soreefan, and O. Boisseau
University de Poitiers, France

► Discrete Frequency Noise Generated by an Air Jet from a Rectangular Slit (Conditions of the Discrete Frequency Noise Generation)
I. Kouno, and T. Fukano
Fukuoka institute of Technology - Kyushu University, Japan

Session S-5: Unsteady Flow II

○ Tuesday, January 3, 1995

Z. Safar
R. Henry

► Pressure Simulation of Pulsating Flow in Duct with Nozzle
M. Endo, and J. Iwamoto
Tokyo Metropolitan College of Technology - Tokyo Denki University, Japan

► Early Stage of an Impulsively Started Flow around a Square Cylinder
Y. P. Xu, T. S. Lee, and S. H. Winoto
National University of Singapore, Singapore

► Numerical Study of Laminar and Turbulent Pulsatile Flows in Pipe
Z. D. Shi, T. S. Lee, and S. H. Winoto
National University of Singapore, Singapore

► Numerical Study of Low-Frequency Flow Instability in an Axial Transonic Compressor Stage
V. I. Gnesin
Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

► Effect of Gust on Wind Flow around a Low Rise Building
S. S. Ayad
Zagazig University, Egypt

Session S-6: Computational Fluid Dynamics I

○ Tuesday, January 3, 1995

S. M. Morcos
O. Kandil

► A CFD Teaching Programme for the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduates Years
S. B. Chin, G. Cardew, D. Savas, and W. A. Bullough
University of Sheffield, UK

► Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Laminar Flow in a T-Junction of Circular Pipes
P. A. Russell, and S. Abdallah
University of Cincinnati, USA

► A Computational Study of Transonic Three-Dimensional Steady Flow
E. Turkbeyler, and W. M. Pun
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK

► Numerical Study of Viscous Effect on Separation Bubble in Underexpanded Impinging Jet
Y. Sakakibara, and J. Iwamoto
Tokyo Denki University, Japan

► Accuracy of Approximate Solutions in Fluid Mechanics
A. Sakurai
Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Wednesday 4 January 1995
Session S-9: Computational Fluid Dynamics II

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

M. Abou-Ellail
M. M. Hafez

► Numerical Modeling of the Hydrodynamics of Flows in the Case of the Regulation of the Run Off in River Beds
N. N. Belayev, and V. K. Khrutsch
Dniepropetrovsk University, Ukraine

► Development of a Hybrid Shock-Capturing Scheme and its Application
Y. Zhao
Nonyong technological University, Singapore

► Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection by a Global Method of Generalized Differential Quadrature
C. Shu, Y. T. Chew, B. C. Khoo, and K. S. Yeo
National University of Singapore, Singapore

► Implicit Monotonic Difference Schemes of Splitting of the Second Order of Accuracy for Solving the Euler and Navier-Stokes Equation
N. N. Belayev, and V. K. Khrutsch
Dniepropetrovsk University, Ukraine

► Control Volume Accurate Solution of 2D Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations on Unstructured Grid
G. de Felice, F. M. Denaro, C. Meola, and F. Sarghini
University of Naples, Italy

Session S-10: Fluid Machinery Applications II

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

A. Hozzyyen
G. Khalafalla

► A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Inlet Impeller Geometry on Erosion of Dredge Pumps
M. A. Rayan, N. Gadel-Hak, and S. A. Askr
Mansoura University, Egypt

► An Experimental Investigation for the Effect of Rotor Wake on the Flow within Stator Passage
A. M. Mobarak, M. G. Khalfallah, S. S. Ayad, and A. S. Zedan
Cairo University - Zagazig University, Egypt

► Influence of Longitudinal Pressure Gradient and Streamlined Surface Curvature on the Turbulent Flow Characteristics in Turbine Cascades
A. F. Slitenko, V. M. Kapinos, and V. B. Titov
Turbomachinery Research Institute, Ukraine

► Calculation and Measurement of the Three-Dimensional Flow in Axial Compressor Cascades, with and without End-Bends
M. L. Ugryumov, Y. A. Skob, V. A. Menshikov, and V. I. Pismenniy
Kharkov Aviation Institute, Ukraine

► Numerical Investigation of the 3D Effects for Space Flow through a Turbomachine Stage
V. I. Gnesin, S. V. Yershov, and A. V. Rusanov
Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Session S-11: Turbulence

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

A. Serag-Eldin
M. Giat

► Assessment of Turbulence Models versus Confined Swirling Flows
M. S. Abdel-Salam, E. E. Khalil, A. A. Mostafa, and G. M. Mostafa
Cairo University, Egypt

► Prediction of Strong and Weak Shear Flows Using Second-Moment Closure Models
A. M. El-Baz, and B. E. Launder
University of Manchester, U.K.s

► Prediction of Rough Surface Thermal Turbulent Boundary Layer
G. H. Abd-Alla, K. M. El-Shazly, O. E. Abd-Ellatif, and M. F. Abd-Rabbo
Zagazig University, Egypt

► Analysis of Material Line Element Parameters Time History during Decay of Isotropic Turbulence
B. A. Kolovandin
Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Belarus

Session S-12: Internal Flow I

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

M. El-Kotb
S. Akaike

► Study of Boundary-Layer Flows with Pressure Gradient and Mass Transfer by a Simple Integral Method
G. M. Abdel-Moty
Cairo University, Egypt

► Experimental Investigation of Externally Pressurized Conical Thrust Bearing under Turbulent Lubrication Condition
M. F. Khalil, S. Z. Kassab, and A. S. Ismail
Alexandria University, Egypt

► Laminar Channel Flow with Fluid Injection Accounting for the Flow in the Porous Wall
A. K. Abdel-Rahman, and K. Suzuki
Kyoto University, Japan

► Lubrication Analysis of Externally Pressurized Circular Porous Bearings
A. A. Elsharkawy, S. Z. Kassab, and M. M. Nassar
Kuwait University, Kuwait

► Flow and Friction Loss in Square Duct with Rough Wall
S. Akaike, N. Ohtsuka, M. Nemoto, and I. Nakane
Kanadgawa Institute of Technology, Japan

Session S-13: Computational Fluid Dynamics III

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

S. S. Kossa
A. Hamed

► Three-Dimensional Euler Computation of the Flow inside an Inducer Stage of a Spatial Turbopump
E. M. El Ghazzani, and A. R. Ridwan
Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France

► Flow Coefficient Analysis of Centrifugal Compressors
A. Engeda
Michigan State University, U.S.A.

► Surface Interaction Models for Particle Trajectories in Engine Components
A. Hamed, Y. D. Jun, and W. Tabakoff
University of Cincinnati, U.S.A.

► Navier-Stokes Solutions for Three-Dimensional Flow Fields in Hydraulic Turbomachines
I. Teipel, and P. Holbein
University of Hannover, Germany

► A Two-Dimensional Flux Vector Splitting Euler Solver
M. Khalil, and A. O. Sherif
Cairo University, Egypt

Session S-14: Fluid Machinery Applications III

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

A. El-Ahwany
T. Yasuda

► A Comparative Study of the Computed Effects of Glaze and Rime Ice Accretions on Aircraft Propeller Performance
E. M. El Ghazzani, and A. R. Ridwan
Cairo University, Egypt

► Pressure Distribution for Radially Outward Turbulent Flow between Stationary and Rotating Disk
A. M. Tolba
Mansoura University, Egypt

► Effect of Spatial Nonstationary Flow Structure in Supplying and Rejecting Devices of Flow Path on a Turbine Stage
V. Gnesin, and V. Solodov
Institute for Problems in Machinery, Ukraine

► Modeling of the Steam Flow with Spontaneous Condensation in a Turbine Stage
A. L. Shubenko
Institute for Problems in Machinery, Ukraine

► A Numerical Approach to Blade-Vortex Interaction in Two-Dimensional Viscous Flow
B. Dong, Y. T. Chew, and B. C. Khoo
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Session S-15: Turbulence

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

N. M. Raafat
A. Ogawa

► Investigation of Turbulence Model and Numerical Solution in Rotating Coordinate System
W. Qinghuan
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

► An Experimental Optimization of using Vane Swirlers to Augment Heat Transfer Performance in Turbulent Swirling Tube Flow
M. S. Abdel-Salam, E. E. Khalil, A. A. Mostafa, and G. M. Mostafa
Cairo University, Egypt

► The Turbulent Structure of the Convection Caused by Instability of Horizontal Interface
Q-D Wei, J. Chen, and X-D Du
Peking University, China

► Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow through Equiangular Annular Diffusers
B. Djebedjian, M. Giat, J. P. Renaudeaux, and M. A. Rayan
Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, France

► A Study of the Boundary-Layer Development on a Flat Plate with Natural and Artificial Transition
A. F. Abdel-Gawaad, A. A. Salman, M. R. Shaalan, and J. M. Shabaka
Zagazig University, Egypt

Session S-16: Internal Flow II

○ Wednesday, January 4, 1995

S. M. El-Haggar
M. Shoukry

► An Experiment Study of the Pressure Recovery Coefficient in Sudden Enlargement Square Duct Affected with Two Normal Jets
M. M. El-Mayit, A. R. Dyab, and A. Abdel-Fattah
Menoufia University, Egypt

► Computational and Experimental Investigation of Laminar Flow past a Finite Flat Plate
A. O. Sherif, M. I. Rashed, and A. S. Hussien
Cairo University, Egypt

► Synthetic Study on Flow Friction in Pipes
T. Yasuda
Nihon University, Japan

► Versatile Programming for Lattice Type Irregular Pipe Networks
T. Yasuda, and Y. Fujita
Nihon University, Japan

► Computational and Experimental Visualization of Viscous Flow through Undulations in Tube
T. S. Lee, and H. T. Low
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Thursday 5 January 1995
Session S-21: Thermofluids

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

A. S. El-Asfori
J. P. Renaudeaux

► Momentum and Heat Transport in Confined Coaxial Jets under Axial Pressure Gradient and at Variable Momentum Ratios
M. S. Mohamed, A. A. Mostafa, and M. El-Sallak
Cairo University, Egypt

► Thermodynamic Study on Reducing the Power Requirement of Mechanical Vapor Recompression
M. Rautenberg, and D. Burhorn
Hannover University, Germany

► Simulation of Pulverised Coal Combustion in a Blast Furnace
F. C. Lockwood, K. Takeda, and M. Yehia
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK

► Flamelet Modeling and Raman /Rayleigh/ Lipf Measurements of the Structure of Premixed Methane-Air Flames
M. M. M. Abou-Ellail, K. R. Beshay, and M. S. Mansour
Cairo University, Egypt

► Electroconvection and Heat Transfer in Liquid Dielectrics
A. I. Zhakin, and A. A. Tropina
Kharkiv State University, Ukraine

Session S-22: Aerodynamics

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

O. El-Bahar
A. Zebib

► Leading-Edge Vortices on a Pitching Delta Wing
R. Atta, and D. Rockwell
Minia University, Egypt

► Cold Flow Study of Flame Stabilizing Parameters of Bluff Bodies
M. A. Nouseir, A. M. El-Baz, K. S. Kaddah, and M. A. Selim
Ain Shams University, Egypt

Aerodynamics Research on Transonic and Small Aspect Ratio Turbines
S. H. Moustapha
Pratt & Whitney, Canada

► Effect of Bleed Slot Location and Angle on Shock Wave Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions
A. Hamed, J. J. Yeuan, and S. H. Shih
University of Cincinnati, USA

► Estimation of the Maximum Tangential Velocity and Flow Pattern of Gas Flow in the Geometrically Similarity Types of the Axial Flow Vortex Chambers
A. Ogawa, K. Nagasaki, and K. Sugiyama
Nihon University, Japan

Session S-23: Convection

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

F. M. El-Mehalawy
E. E. Khalil

► Experimental Studies of Free Convective Heat Transfer from Fin Arrays using Differential Interferometry
M. A. Abolfadl
Cairo University, Egypt

► Heat Transfer to a Horizontal Tube Bundle Located in the Freeboard of a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustor
A. H. Abdel-Hafez, F. M. El-Mahallawy, S. G. Sharobeem, and Z. S. Safar
Cairo University, Egypt

► Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Stretched Surface with Suction or Injection
M. E. Ali
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

► Numerical Analysis of Vertical Finite Channel Conjugate Natural Convection with a Power Law Fluid
V. D. Quang, and D. H. Chung
Hanoi Technical University, Vietnam

Session S-24: Two-Phase Flows

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

M. Hilal
R. Kamel

► Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for Air-Water Mixtures in an Isoflux Vertical Annulus
M. Khatab, M. El-Sallak, S. M. Morcos, and A. Salama
Cairo University, Egypt

► Flow and Heat Exchange Numerical Modelling for "Gas-Solid Particles" Two-Phase Media under Counter Flow Conditions
A. V. Borodulin, V. K. Khrutsch, and A. G. Shevelev
Dniepropetrovsk University, Ukraine

► A Modeling of Heat Transfer in Gas-Solids Turbulent Flow in Pipes
M. S. Abdel-Salam, M. F. Abd-Rabbo, and S. A. Abdel-Moneim
Cairo University, Egypt

► Calculations of Turbulent Two-Phase Parabolic Flows: Lagrangian Approach Versus Eulerian Approach
M. Khalafallah, A. Mostafa, M. Rizk, and S. El-Sherife
Cairo University, Egypt

Session S-25: Measurements Techniques

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

M. F. El-Refae
A. H. Beghdady

► A Flow Visualization Technique using Digital Image Processing
S. M. El-Haggar, and K. M. Elsherbini
The American University, Cairo, Egypt

► Experimental Identification of the Dynamic Characteristics of Externally Pressurized Conical Bearing
M. F. Khalil, K. A. Elshorbagy, S. Z. Kassab, and A. A. Abdel Naby
Alexandria University, Egypt

► The Measurement of Mass Flow Rate using Orifice Plate Meters under Pulsating Conditions
E. Tamura, and J. Iwamoto
Tokyo Denki University, Japan

► Concentration and Velocity Measurements by Applying Hot-Wire and Piezoresistive Techniques
Y. Era, and A. Muramatsu
Nihon University, Japan

► Experimental Studies on Spectroscopic Diagnosis Method for Arc Plasma Jet - Part 1: Argon Jet
L. H. Han, B. Yue, and F. R. Yang
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, China

Session S-26: Industrial Applications

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

M. A. Fouad
S. H. Mostapha

► Dynamic Performance of Hydrostatic Conical Bearings with Rotation
M. F. Khalil, K. A. Elshorbagy, S. Z. Kassab, and A. A. Abdel Naby
Alexandria University, Egypt

► Characteristics of a Controlled Flow Field by Leading Edge Suction
M. H. Metwally, and M. A. Elsharnoby
Military Technical College - Benha Higher Institute of Technology, Egypt

► On the Modeling of Abrasive Waterj Jet Cutting
A. A. El-Domiaty, M. A. Shabara, A. A. Abdel-Rahman, and A. K. Al-Sabeeh
Kuwait University, Kuwait

► Experimental Investigation of the Ventilation Network for a 135 MW Air-Cooled Generator
T. T. Al-Shemmeri, and N. R. Weavill
Staffordshire University, UK

► Simulation of Poppet Valve Flow Characteristics
S. B. Chin, D. Broadhurst, and W. A. Bullough
University of Sheffield, UK

► Flow Field Characteristics of Circular Swirl Jet Generated by Vortex Generating Jets
N. H. Mostafa, O. K. Rediniotis, and U. Vandsburger
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Session S-27: Special Topics I

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

Th. Abou-Arab
A. Cavaliere

► Modeling and Simulation of Solar Chimney
A. S. Sabry
Cairo University, Egypt

► Dynamic Stiffness and Damping Characteristics of Compensated Hydrostatic Conical Bearings
M. F. Khalil, K. A. Elshorbagy, S. Z. Kassab, and A. A. Abdel Naby
Alexandria University, Egypt

► Blood Flow Simulation across the Ring of Bjork-Shiley Cardiac Valve
M. Bentercia, K. Zidani, A. Cheurfi, K. Belkhiri, and K. Affeld
University of Batna, Algeria - Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

► Mass Transfer into a Liquid Film Flowing Concurrently with High Speed Gas Flow
T. Fukano, Y. Kinoue, and K. Ishibashi
Kyushu University, Japan

► Simulation Study for Microrobots Imitating Flagellar Motion of Organisms in Fluid
S. Kobayashi, H. Morikawa, and M. Ikeya
Shinshu University, Japan

► Experimental Investigation on Bifurcation Phenomena in Laminar Flow through U-Bends of Rectangular Cross-Section
K. Obha, M. Kobayashi, and S. Takahashi
Kansai University, Japan

Session S-28: Special Topics II

○ Thursday, January 5, 1995

Th. E-Hew
A. Ghoneim

► Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Polymer Injection on Drag Reduction
S. Zanoon, M. Rizk, E. Elsherbeeny, and A. Mobarak
Cairo University, Egypt

► Wave Processes in Magnetic Fluids with Transformed Microstructure
N. F. Patsegon
Kharkiv State University, Ukraine

► The Motion of a Continuum with Sources of Mass Impulse and Energy Continuously Distributed
I. E. Tarapov
Kharkiv State University, Ukraine

► Characteristics of the Near Wake of Airfoil Sections
M. S. Mohamed, M. A. Rayan, and S. G. El-Sarraf
Mansoura University, Egypt

► Measurement of Interfacial Area Concentration in Subcooled Liquid-Vapour Flow
O. Zeitoun, M. Shoukri, and V. Chatoorgoon
McMaster University, Canada

► Variation of the Corner Recirculation Zone in Sudden Enlargement Square Duct with Normal Single Jet
A. Abdel-Fattah, M. M. El-Mayit, and A. R. Dyab
Menoufia University, Egypt