:: 2001 :: Cairo University and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Seventh International Congress on Fluid Dynamics and Propulsion

(ICFD 7) * Dec. 18-20, 2001, Cairo, Egypt

Organized by:

○ Cairo University (Egypt)
○ The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Egypt)

Conference Program:

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Technical Program

○ Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Session A1: High-Speed Flow

M. Fouad, J. Iwamoto

A Study on High-Speed Pulsating Jet
A. Kimura and J. Iwamoto

Deviation of Underexpansion Sonic Flow near the Wall
N. Morita and T. Yokomizo

On Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Flow using Bow-Shock-Fitting Technique
L. A. Bazyma and V. M. Rashkovan

A Geometric Representation of Airfoils using NURBSWednesday, December 19, 2001
T. Mengistu and W. Ghaly

Session B1: Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (I)

C. Kato, S. Mourad

Computed Flow Around Ship Spoiler
N. H. Mostafa

Laminar Mixed Convection Boundary Layers Induced by a Linearly Stretching Permeable Surface
M. E. Ali, F. Al-Youssef

Use of Flow solutions in Highly resistive Media to Improve BFCs for Complicated Geometry
M. A. Serag El-Din

Numerical Investigation Of The 2D and 3D Incompressible Flow In a Sudden Expansion Duct
D. Touzopoulos, G. Bergeles

Session C1: Flow Control and Diagnostics (I)

A. Naguib, A. Sherif

Characteristics of Compression Wave Caused by Reflection of Expansion Wave at Open End of Tube
T. Yasunobu, H. Kashimura, H-D. Kim, T. Nakano and T. Setoguchi

Application of Entropy Concept in the Study of Velocity Distribution for Pipe Flow with Drag Reducing Polymer Additives
M. F. Khalil, S. Z. Kassab, A. A. Elmiligui, F. A. Naoum

Experimental and Numerical Study of Turbulent Wake Flow Behind Perforated Disks
R. Messiha, A. El-Baz, M. A. E. Selim

Control of Exiting Impulsive Wave Caused by Compression Wave from a Tube
T. Nakano, S. Matsuo, T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko and H. Kashimura

Session A2: Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (II)

O. Elbahar, T. Yokomizo

Heat Transfer For Laminar Flow In Internally Finned Pipes With Different Fin Heights And Uniform Wall Temperature
O.Zeitoun, A. S. Hegazy

Simulation of Flow and Thermal Characteristics for Cooling Water System of a Steam Power Plant
O. El-Masry

Computing Turbulent Flow Field of Swirl Jet
N. H. Mostafa

Numerical Study of Turbulent free Jets Using k-E Model
A. A. Seif, F. M. Almohaisen

Session B2: Flow Control and Diagnostics (II)

M. Elkotb, M. Gad-el-Hak

Development and Characterization of a Thermal Flow Sensor with a Wide Bandwidth
A. Al-Salaymeh, F. Durst, and M. Gad-el-Hak

A Doppler Sensor for High-Resolution Measurements of the Turbulent Wall Pressure at High Reynolds Numbers
M. Daoud, A. Naguib, and Y. Li

Simulation of The Control of Flow Separation Using Synthetic Jets
G. Simandirakis and K. D. Papailiou

Shock Wave Passage Over Porous Particle Beds
B. W. Skews, and G. K. E. Doyle

Session B2: Flow Control and Diagnostics (II)

O. Elmasry, H. Salem

Prediction of Engine Intake Filter Performance And Its Impact On Engine Erosion in Cairo City
A. F. Abdel Azim, H. El-Salamawy, M. Shamloul, O. M. Mesalhy

Stability Characteristics of Lifted Turbulent Partially Premixed Jet Flames
M. S. Mansour

Atomizer Air Velocity Effect on Multi-Component Drop Evaporation and Flow Characteristics
O. Rashed, B. Hafez, A. Penninger

Analysis of Unstable Bicomponent Cooling Lubricant Flow in Inlet Annular Channels of the BTA Drills in the Presence of Dynamic Breakage and Coalescence Processes.
A. S. Ismail

Session A3: Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (III)

Th. Abou-Arab, A. Hamed

Gas Temperature Influence On Swirling/Non-swirling Flow Characteristics
O. Rashed, B. Hafez, A. Penninger

Experimental Performance Analysis Of Annular Diffusers With And Without Swirl
H. A. Abdallah, E. A. ElShenawy, A. E. Kabeel, Z. M. Omara

Numerical Prediction of Air Flow Patterns in a 2-D Room Model under Different Ceiling Shape with and without Passive Control
A. A. Salman

Prediction and Analysis of Tides and Tidal Currents
J-J. Shu

Session B3: Stability and Transition (I)

J. Iwamoto, M. Rayan

Stability of a Suspension in Taylor Couette Flow
M. E. Ali, D. Mitrab and R. M. Lueptow

Computed Transient Supercavitating Flow over a Projectile
N. H. Mostafa

Analysis of Unstable Bicomponent Cooling Lubricant Flow in Inlet Annular Channels of the BTA Drills Considering Interaction Processes, Thermal Effect and Heat Transfer From the Bounding Surfaces.
A. S. Ismail

A Measurement of Velocity under Pulsating-Flow Conditions in the Pipe with an Orifice
E. Tamura and J. Iwamoto

Session C3: Turbomachinery and Propulsion (I)

M. G. Khalafallah, D. Hosny

Prediction of Wind-Farm Performance: Challenges and Expectations
M. A. Serag El-Din

Information Technology of a Turbomachinery Row Formation
M. L. Ugrymov, A. M. Tsegelnik

A Parallel Genetic Algorithm Applied To the Design of Blade Profiles For Centrifugal Pump Impellers
W. A. Wahba, A. Tourlidakis

Disk Friction Loss In Centrifugal And Mixed Flow Pumps
S. Mikhail, M. G. Khalafallah, M. El-Nady

○ Thursday, December 20, 2001

Session A4: Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (IV)

M. A. Serag-El-Din, B. Skews

Study of a Turbulent Cylindrical Wall Jet Impinging Normally on a Flat Plate
A. T. M. Rofiqul Islam, Y. Kozato, S. Imao, and T. Tanaka

Lagrangian Numerical Modeling of Suspension and Saltation in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
S. Al-Hajraf and P. Rubini

Computational Study Of Flow In Mechanically Ventilated Spaces
B. Elhadidi and A. O. Sherif

The Logarithmic Law in Turbulent Boundary Layers: The Debate Continues
M. Buschmann and M. Gad-el-Hak

Session B4: Aero-Acoustics

A. Hamed, Sh. Keddah

Numerical Simulation of Open Rotor Noise
A. S. Sabry, J. K. Kamel, M. A. Fouad

Numerical Simulation of Acoustic Effect on the Stability of a Lean Premixed Combustor
M. F. Abdelkhalek, Z. Ghoneim, A. F. Ghoneim

Acoustic Radiation from an Annular Cascade in a Swirling Flow
A. Ali, Oliver V. Atassi and H. M. Attasi

Sound Generation and Scattering from Radial Vanes in Uniform Flow
B. Elhadidi and H. M. Atassi

Session C4: Multiphase and Reacting Flow (II)

B. Mehta, M. Sedrak

A CFD Study of the Self-Excited Nozzle Flows with Nonequilibrium Condensation
H. Kim, T. Setoguchi, S. Matsuo, S. Baek and S. Kwon

Simultaneous LDV Measurements of Gas and Particle Velocities in Two-Phase Flow
M. F. Abdelkhalek, Z. Ghoneim, A. F. Ghoneim

Multiphase CFD of Gasoline Flow in a Novel Automobile Fuel Pipe System
B. V. Mehta

Influence of Interphase Drag Coefficient on Two-Phase Flow by Boundary Domain Integral Method Using Velocity-Vorticity Formulation.
M. Pozarnik and L. Skerget

Session A5: Turbomachinery and Propulsion (II)

A. Mobarak, W. Wahba

Effect of Grooves Geometry on Characteristics of Strong Adverse Pressure Gradient Flow
M. G. Higazy N. N. Bayomi

Performance of an Airlift Pump Operating in Two-Phase Flow
S. Z. Kassab, H. A. Kandil, H. A. Warda, W. H. Ahmed

A Study of 2-D Turbine Blade Profile to Minimize the Pressure Loss
S-Y. Cho and C. Park

Measurements of Unsteady Flow of Centrifugal Compressor with Vaned Diffuser.
K. H. Kim and Y. H. Shin

Session B5: Stability and Transition (II)

M.Gad-el-Hak, H. Heikel

Low Frequency Pressure Fluctuations Radiating from Coaxial Free Jets
G. Ozkan, O. Dolek, I. B. Ozdemir

The Effects of System Rotation with Three Orthogonal Rotating Axes on Turbulent Channel Flow
O. El-Samni and N. Kasagi

Spatio–Temporal Stability of Flow through Collapsible Tubes
M. Hamadiche, and M. Gad-el-Hak

Temporal Stability of Flow Through Viscoelastic Tubes
M. Hamadiche, and M. Gad-el-Hak

Session C5: Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (V)

M. Buschmann, M. N. Sabry

Flow Physics in Microdevices
M. Gad-el-Hak

A Parametric Study of Axisymmetric Swirling Flows in a Low Aspect Ratio Vortex Chamber
W. Ghaly and G. Vatistas

A Numerical Study on the Similarity of Laminar Flows in Orthogonally Rotating Rectangular Ducts and Stationary Curved Rectangular Ducts of Arbitrary Aspect Ratio
G. H. Lee and J. H. Baek

Investigation of the Near Wall Singularities through Experiments and Direct Numerical Simulations
S. Tardu and D. Dunn

Session A6: Turbomachinery and Propulsion (III)

O. El-Masry, S. Mikhail

Numerical Flow Analysis of a Single-Stage Ducted Marine Propulsor
Y. R. Jung, W. G. Park, S.W. Lee K. C. Lee

A Computational investigation of the Back Step Flow
A.O. Sherif and M.A. Hussein

New Turbomachinery Housing Development
D. M. Hosny
Test Rig Development for Turbomachinery Components
D. M. Hosny

B6: Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (VI)

W. Ghaly, E. Khalil

Compliant Coatings: What Works and What Does Not?
M. Gad-el-Hak

Influence of Various Factors on The Flow Characteristics through a Gas Turbine Cascade
A. F. AbdelGawad, O. E. Abdellatif

On the Shock Interaction with a Vortex Ring
M. Y. Hussaini, Z. Ding, and G. Erlebacher
Unsteady Flow Simulation in Multi-Rows Environment F. Martelli, E. Belardini, and P. Adami

Panel Discussion on The Future of Natural Gas in Egypt

○ Thursday, December 20, 2001

Eng. Sameh Samir Fahmy
Prof. Dr. Amin Mobarak

A7: Multiphase Flow and Flow Simulation

M. Hamadiche, H. Khater

Fluid Flow Simulation Study of Mechanical Heart Valve Closure Dynamics
Y. G. Lai, K. B. Chandran, and J. Lemmon

Spray Characterization of Two Phase Swirl Atomizer
B. J. Rho, S. G. Lee, K. K. Song and J. Y. Jung

Flow Regimes and Pressure Drop Measurements of Air-Oil Flow in Horizontal Pipes
J. L. Pawloski, C. Y. Ching, and M. Shoukri

External Vanes Floating Plug Nozzle Thrust Vector Control
A. A. Hashem and W. A. Aissa

Session B7: Aero-Acoustics and LES

Z. Ghoneim, C. Kato

Numerical Simulations of Transonic Flow Acoustic Resonance in Cavity
A. Hamed, D. Basu, and K. Das

Interaction between Acoustic and Vortical Waves in a Swirling Flow
M. Hamadiche and H. M. Attasi

Aeroacoustical Computations of Unsteady Flows Around a Circular Cylinder
I. Pantle, F. Magagnato, and M. Gabi

An Overset Finite-Element LES for Engineering Applications
C. Kato, M. Kaiho, and A. Manabe